Car Insurance in Singapore: All You Need to Know

Car Insurance

Unlike many other countries, opting for car insurance isn’t a choice. Every citizen who has been handling a car or going to purchase a car must avail of the request for the car insurance. This insurance policy covers the damage of the car due to natural calamities, fire, third party, steal, medical cost, and so forth. It can be rather confusing with dealers because they throw complicated terms and conditions, non-bonus claims, and other factors that are difficult to comprehend to the new policy purchaser. In this blog, we will tell you some information you need to know about car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance:

There are mainly four types of car insurance online plans available in the market. As per your affordability and coverage, you can avail of the request for anyone of them.

Liability Coverage: The drivers must purchase at least a standardized auto insurance plan which contains body injury liability and property damage liability.

Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage: In the event, if a consumer gets hit who doesn’t have auto insurance, uninsured motorist coverage may help in paying bills and vehicle repair costs. If a consumer is hit by the underinsured motorist driver, which means the consumer will not get coverage against the medical cost.

Comprehensive Coverage: The comprehensive coverage covers the damage that is caused by natural calamities, theft, and vandalism. This plan is deductible, which is the amount the consumer will pay from his pocket.

Collision Coverage: In case if a consumer is involved in the accident, collision coverage will cover the repair and medical cost.

 How Is The Car Insurance Premium Calculated?

There are several factors companies included determining the car insurance premiums. The factors include:

Driver Age: It has been observed that younger drivers drive cars fastly, so the chances of accidents are higher. That’s the reason companies take high premiums from the younger drivers who age lie between 18- 21. The premiums get decreased when drivers get older 31-65. After 65 the premium is very low.

Driver Experience: This factor is based on the number of years a driver has held his licenses than those who forgot their license will charge the high premium rates. The longer you have held your license, the lower premium you have to submit the car insurance company.

Driver Gender: Compared to the women, men are deemed to be more reckless on the road. So, men’s premium charges are relatively higher than women’s.

Driver history: The car insurance checks the driver’s history before offering the exact value of the premium. If a driver has faced accidents, then his premium will be higher than a driver who has a clean driving record.

The Car:

The premiums of car insurance are also based on car models-

The OPC cars: Off-peak, cars are those that get better insurance premiums because run at the non-peak periods.

Engine type and capacity: This car engine capacity is higher so their premiums are also expensive.

Vehicle age: The older is your vehicle the lower your premium and vice versa.

The No claim/ Safety Bonuses:

Almost every car insurance company offers you a bonus every year. The longer you keep your policy active without a claim, the lower your premium will go.

Safe Driver Discount: This discount offers the driver who maintains the safe and clean driving record after having the car insurance plan.

How Can A Driver Get Cheap Car Insurance?

No matter how expensive a car we are maintaining, we need to be affordable or budget-friendly when it comes to car insurance premiums. There are so many ways to get car insurance at cheap premium rates. One of the easiest ways to get the budget-friendly car insurance policy is by researching. Take the help of Google, and enter the cheap car insurance company providers; you will come across with the results. Consider the top 10 search results, look at the sites’ about us and policy premiums, and ask for the quotes. Once you get the quotes, compare them, and choose the company that offers you the best coverage at the cheap premium rates. Before opting for the car insurance make sure you read the terms and conditions wisely.

Final Say:

In today’s world, where accidents are rapidly increasing to prevent oneself from unexpected damage coverage and medical cost, it is advisable to opt for the car insurance plan. Many companies in Singapore offer you a variety of car insurance plans to meet the drivers’ demands. Choose the company that offers you a roadside emergency number. In case, if you face an accident, one of the company employees will reach the destination and do the needful task. If you are seeking for the renowned and reputed insurance company that offers you cheap insurance plan than simply click on this site HL Assurance Singapore