The Quality Elderly Care Gives Old People A Happy Life

Elderly Care In China

China has started to feel the effect of their former “one child policy” as the country faces several challenges due to its aging population. According to the National Bureau of Statistics China, people aged 60 years and older account for 25.7% of the city’s population in Shanghai alone. That means one out of every four registered people are senior citizens.

There has also been a dramatic change in terms of China’s family structure. Before, the elderly used to live with one of their offsprings. Today, due to a more fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, young adults move out to work and leave their elderly parents alone. One of the main challenges that the elderly face nowadays is to look and arrange for their own care which their own families cannot provide. This is where nursing homes and elderly care in China come into play.

Investments for elderly care Shanghai have been increased for a more comprehensive and holistic welfare program. As initiated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 350,000 square meters of activity centers have already been constructed, along with the renovation and expansion of old homes.

Shanghai has truly become one of the best places for the elderly since many people are dedicated to provide all dimensions of wellness — physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. Unlike the traditional connotation linked with nursing homes where the elderly feel isolated and alone, the new facilities in Shanghai offer an overhaul to make the senior citizens still feel a sense of belongingness. The main providers of this special assistance are professional and compassionate personnel who give personalized care. They aid the elderly in bathing, shaving, and even getting dressed.

The elderly in Shanghai are given a whole new level of freedom since they are allowed to clean around, do yard work and laundry, shopping, picking up medications, and delivering meals. This way, the senior citizens don’t experience a decline in mobility and later on also avoid suffering the consequences such as premature death. With this setup of living, the elderly have the opportunity to create and maintain meaningful relationships with other residents and the staff, ensuring that they recover better and feel happier. People who require special needs and care, such as those who suffered heart attack or Alzheimer’s, are also provided with special professionals who will help them rid of feelings such as shame, fear, and anger.

Elderly care Shanghai has truly come a long way now. It’s good to know that our senior citizens can spend the rest of their lives happily in great nursing facilities in.