The Ultimate Guide in Getting the Best Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore

Best Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore

Our health is the most important thing, and to stay healthy, we have to make some helpful decisions for us in the future. If you want to increase your life span and live a healthy life, you should buy the best critical illness insurance Singapore. These plans are available in many insurance companies. Here in this article, we provide you a complete guide to buying critical illness insurance plans. Here we will discuss all the critical insurance and its advantage and importance in human life. So, let’s start exploring more about this.

Critical illness insurance & the illness included in this plan

A critical illness insurance plan is a health insurance plan that pays you a lump sum amount to the insurer when you claim an illness covered in your policy. A person can buy different types of CI plan. Most of the insurance plan covers the 25 major critical illnesses. The illnesses which are included in the plan depends are depends upon the type of plan and your budget.

Usually, it includes illness such as heart attack, organ replacement, paralysis, cancer, kidney failure, etc. You can buy it from any insurance company, but you have to follow such things before buying it. You have to more about this so that you can choose the best insurance for your family. It plays an important role in every human’s life. Here we will discuss the importance of critical illness insurance plan and their benefits.

The importance of critical illness insurance plan

A critical illness insurance plan provides you the benefits much more than the traditional policies. It provides you a lump sum amount, which is the plus point of this policy. You can use this amount in non-medical costs such as transportation, etc. This policy depends on the various factors such as sex, age, health condition if the insurer, etc. You can buy this policy through your own or the employer.

Adding this policy in your life helps you live a stress-free life and saves your money and health. It covers the illness, which is included under the policy norms. You can also claim this policy easily. It works on a simple procedure; if anyone is diagnosed with any illness covered by the policy, you will get a lump sum amount for the expenses of hospital or medicals. You can choose the hospital, which is best for you and use this money to get recover.

Why you need a critical illness insurance plan?

Here we discuss the reasons you need a critical illness insurance plan for yourself and your family.

  1. If you want to get benefits in post-treatment expenses, then you must buy this. It provides you financial support in emergency cases.
  2. It doesn’t matter what’s your age; you will get equal benefits and advantages. You can buy this policy for a newborn baby to a person who is 65 years old.
  3. In this policy, you will get an immediate payout when you are detected with any illness. When you have this plan, then you will get peace of mind.
  4. When you have a critical illness insurance plan, then you can go abroad for your checkup. The company will pay you a lump sum amount for this.
  5. Through this policy, you will get a lump sum amount you can spend on medical expenses and non-medical expenses.

The Benefits of critical illness insurance policy

  1. The critical illness insurance plan works as an income replacement. Yes, it not only helps you physically but financially also. It offers a lump sum amount, which you can use in your medical expenses and as well as in the non-medical expenses.
  2. It also provides you a tax-free payout. According to the income tax act, the critical illness insurance payout is completely tax-free for everyone.
  3. With this policy, you can live a stress-free life. It gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to run here and there to arrange money in some emergency medical cases.
  4. With this policy, you can take your treatments in foreign countries. It covers your expenses no matter where you want to take your treatment.
  5. Another benefit of this policy is it doesn’t cost more. You can say that it is a low-cost policy with extensive coverage or benefits.

Other than this, it provides many benefits which you can get as soon as you buy this policy.

Things to follow before buying a critical illness insurance plan

  1. Before buying any plan, you should read the policy carefully. You should know about the illness which is included in the policy.
  2. You should also know about the waiting period and the survival period. It would be best if you bought a policy that has a minimum waiting period.
  3. Before buying any plan, you should read about the conditions. Each plan consists of different conditions and different plans. So, make sure about this. You should also check the extra benefits which are provided in any plan.
  4. Before buying any critical insurance plan, you should first check the claiming procedure of your plan. You should know about the formalities and the documentation process of a specific plan.
  5. Most of the Singaporeans who are above 60 years suffer from many chronic diseases so, it will be better if you also go for the pre-existing condition plans.


In this article, you can clearly understand the critical illness insurance program. You also understood the process of claiming, the reasons for buying HLAS insurance, etc. If you are also looking to buy an insurance plan, you can follow the above-discussed points to get a better plan and policies for your family. This article will help you in the future to get the best plan. But for this, you have to search for an insurance company first. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for the best insurance company and visit there to buy your preferred insurance plan.